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Focusing on Instagram to succeed

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Enrolled: 4 students
Duration: 2
Lectures: 6
Video: 30 minutes
Level: Beginner

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Monday 10:30 am - 7.00 pm
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2 hours to learn how to build your brand image with instagram :

Are you planning or just starting your business ? You’ve come to the right place !

Entrepreneurship is an adventure filled with roller coasters. Indeed, customers don’t necessarily rush when you start your business.

In 6 years of working with brands, companies and artists as a Consultant, I have faced a problem that very often arose with my clients: I am starting my activity and I want to reduce costs. I would like to be autonomous in the management of my tasks.

Specialized in coaching young structures in Branding and Business, the finance part is at the heart of any company strategy. However, as in any profession, there are tasks/poles that are essential for the development of an activity. Branding, brand image is an essential pole to increase its turnover. And I have made it the basis of my work. However, it is a pole that requires a lot of financial resources, especially when our objectives are higher than our cash flow.

Passionate about brand image, digital and business, I decided to combine these three entities to make two professions: Business Developer / Brand Manager. Always very invested and passionate in each project, I have several successes in my bow (References: Brands/Companies, Artists, Institutes, Press, Celebrities, Royal Families, Influencers, Buzz…).

Are you ready to move to the next level of your business ? This course is made for you !

Following steps of this conference will allow you to build a strong image and develop your business with your community.

Module 1

Definition : Instagram basics
20 minutes

At this step, you will learn Instagram basics for your business.


  1. Touch your target and convert it
  2. Optimize your brand image
  3. Develop your turnover
Understanding the basics for success on Instagram
7 questions

During this quiz, I will ask you relevant questions about the basics to succeed on Instagram

Module 2

Premium Content and Audience
20 minutes

At this step, I explain how to optimize your content.


  1. Betting on Hashtags
  2. Publish premium content
  3. Betting on storytelling
Understanding of premium content and the audience
4 questions

During this quiz, I ask you relevant questions about the quality of the content and the audience

Module 3

Instagram Ads
30 minutes

At this step, I will explain how to build an Instagram Ads strategy.


  1. Set specific goals
  2. Setting up a strategy for your campaigns
  3. Optimal strategy execution
  4. Statistics analysis of your campaigns
Understanding Instagram Ads
4 questions

During this quiz, I ask you relevant questions to build an Instagram Ads strategy

Module 4

Reputation and Brand Image
20 minutes

At this step, I advise you on how to build on your reputation and brand image.


  1. Why bet on influence marketing ?
  2. How to optimize your visual identity ?
  3. Why focus on the customer experience ?
Understanding for reputation and brand image
4 questions

During this quiz, I ask you relevant questions to define your reputation and brand image

Module 5 : Webinaire via Skype

Case studies : Focusing on Instagram
20 minutes

At this step, the focus is on a Google Meet appointment. Together, I'll discuss the case study "Betting on Instagram" of a brand in 3 steps to inspire you. Maximum attendance per appointment : 4 people.

Conclusion : Focusing on Instagram
10 minutes

At this step, I answer to your questions during a Google Meet appointment. Tip : prepare your questions when you learn the course. Maximum attendance per appointment : 4 people.

The conference "Focusing on Instagram to succeed" is aimed at ambitious people who want to learn how to master web methods and tools to optimise their digital strategy as well as professionals to develop their online business. I CAN ACCOMPANY YOU IN THE LAUNCH AND/OR DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR BUSINESS IF YOU ARE : - Private individual (Student, Future professional in the digital business) - Self-employed beginner/intermediate - Beginner/Intermediate Service Provider - Beginner/intermediate entrepreneur with or without employees (creator/distributor of virtual or physical products, etc.). - Institute (School, training centre, trade fair...) I CAN'T GO WITH YOU IF YOU ARE : - Expert in digital professions (consulting, training, coaching, graphic design, web development, translation, writing, communication, project management, MOA, product owner...). Non-exhaustive list.
I offer 2 coaching options : Distance and Face-to-face. All coaching courses are available at a distance or in person (I receive you in Paris, in my office located at Bonne Nouvelle in the 10th arrondissement). This conference is given on my online coaching platform. You will be able to create your personalised login details by email immediately after payment has been made. The courses are available in E-learning format (available 24/7 on computer, tablet or mobile) and Webinars with Google Meet (accessible live and then available in replay in audio format on my coaching platform).
A/ How long does it take to have access to coaching : - The modules are available for life - Webinars via Google Meet are by appointment by booking on my platform (accessible live and then available in replay in audio format on my coaching platform). B/ Coaching begins : - Registration is open at any time of the year, within the limit of available seats (they leave quickly and are very limited). - You can start digitising your business from now on ! C/ About payment : - Payment Methods : Payments are made directly on my platform in total security thanks to my trusted partners, Paypal and by credit card with Stripe. - Payment Terms : Payments can be made online in 1x or 3x depending on the course(s) selected, every month on the anniversary date depending on the option chosen. - Refunds : I am convinced my courses provide all the keys to success. I use these techniques on a daily basis, and with which my customers get results. For this reason, no refunds can be given.
Entrepreneure and Consultant since +10 years, I have specialized as Growth Marketer for +6 years. Former student of Mod'Art International Paris, I also have 2 certifications from Harvard and Yale University. As a Business Branding Coach, via the platform, I support individuals, professionals and institutes by focusing on the brand image internationally on virtual or in person in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Please note : I am not going to coach you on your business, but on entrepreneurial methods to create and/or develop your business via your brand image by focusing on digital.
- The investment : to be coached is to give yourself more chances of success by going faster and avoiding mistakes. Ask yourself some simple questions : what is the real cost if I were to subcontract these tasks ? Will it be useful to me to develop my business ? Do I have enough knowledge to evolve in this profession ?...etc. It is up to you to imagine the kind of questions to answer. - The course choice : if you are still hesitating, we can exchange 30 minutes via Google Meet to make sure it's a "perfect match". It's easy to request a free business audit here : or on the menu: It's Free. - Course financing (CPF, AGEFICE, FIFPL, datadock...) : The Consulting course "Optimize the brand image of your business" is 100% financed by the CPF via Cogito Strategy (available in France and French only). For the other courses, you can still offer yourself and build your business by paying 3x in total security.
Results differ from one person to another. It depends on your activity stage, your effort level, your skills and knowledge and much more. One thing for sure : as long as you apply yourself, your progress will be felt.
For all problems related to your account, your payments, or questions you wish to know, you can contact me directly at the following email address: or more simply, via the contact page.


I accompany individuals, professionals and institutes by focusing on branding.

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Focusing on Instagram to succeed